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Do you want to be one of the pack or stand out from the average Joe?

Do you want to learn the following things?

  • How to get financial gain from doing high value jobs: MEANS profits to grow business, family security
  • How to gain time from doing jobs efficiently and right: MEANS more time available for more jobs and/or time with family
  • How to get personal satisfaction from happy customers: GIVING YOU word-of-mouth referrals, less advertising costs,
  • How to AVOID costly errors

Then you’ve come to the right place!

To achieve results that will delight your clients, you need to know physical and chemical attributes of the fibres you are dealing with, how they will interact with the cleaning agents you intend to apply to them, how to safely agitate them, what cleaning methods and chemistries are the most appropriate for the given situation… all these factors need to be considered before you even open a door on your vehicle to start pulling out your gear and this is where I can help you maximise your results AND your profits!

After undertaking the first training available in Australia in 1995, along with the technical knowledge I gained, all of the above and more were what I gained. I then became an information junkie, seeking out every course I possibly could to learn as much as I could bout my profession, starting with a basic Carpet Cleaning course and working my way through right up to becoming a Registered WoolSafe Inspector in 2009.

Knowing that there was room for improvement in the industry, in 2000 I co-founded the Advantage Group Carpet Cleaners, which then went on to become the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA (Inc) staying on as President for the first 7 years, then continuing on in the position of Training and Technical Officer since.I also recognised that there was a big gap in training availability here in WA due to East Coast training entities finding it financially taxing to make the journey over, so I then decided in 2010 that I should share my own accumulated knowledge and skills, achieving my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAA40104, updating to TAE40110 in 2013 with the intent of supplying training here in WA.

I’m now in a position where I can share my knowledge with the new generations of carpet cleaners coming through the ranks, particularly with those that want to take their careers seriously and desire quality outcomes for their efforts. Training is the only way you can keep yourself, and your clients safe from either mediocre outcomes or outright damage through ignorance.

To see the sorts of things you will be trained to achieve, check out my Facebook page or my website Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning – if these are the types of results you want to achieve, then this where you’ll find out how to do it!

Training is done in a fun, informal style that will interest and hopefully inspire you to achieve your goals.

Training is a Tax-deductible investment that will reap long-term gains in your future.

The pennies spent now will be more than compensated for over time!

Call me today to discuss your training requirements.

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